I sat down some day in my office working on some documents and had no time to go do the shopping I needed to do that day. All the things I needed to shop for were for an early job I had the next day. I ended up not buying the items and I pretty much got stranded when I got to my client’s house. I felt so embarrassed asking her if she had one of the items I couldn’t work without but I asked anyway. Luckily for me, she had one of the items in her home. That experience made me ponder; ‘if had just sat down in the comfort of my office, spent less than 5minutes of my time online, I could have bought the items I needed ‘ . Hence, I thought of opening an online beauty store where people can comfortably buy some of their favorite beauty brands without having to go from one location to another wasting precious time looking for products they may not find. Watch this space, subscribe and get all the beauty scoops, amazing beauty products and super deals from us to you our BELLELOVERS! Xoxo

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